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Gwen Avery
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"Any Woman's Blues" (Various Artists, prison concert, 1976)
songs: "A Change," and "I'm On My Way"
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Below, I can't use the title "Lesbian Concentrate," without using the phrase "landmark album,"
which certaily fits, as it's a very Out and Political album, done in 1977 in "response" to the
Bible-Bigot antics of Anita Bryant. It featured the cream of the new Olivia Records label,
and included Gwen Avery's signature song "Sugar Mama," which was also released on
a 45 rpm record (with Teresa Trull on the flip side). Gwen also contributed backing vocals
to Linda Tillery's song "Don't Pray for Me."

Below, from the "Lesbian Concentrate" inside liner notes...though Gwen's LP did not happen

Below, also from the "Lesbian Concentrate" liner notes

Below, Gwen's first of two full-length releases, came out in 1993, on cassette tape only,
and it's very rare. June Millington, of The Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA) captured this
concert by Gwen at their facility in California. That's a ten-minute version of "Sugar Mama"
and other favorites of mine are "Missing You," "Shout It Out," "I'm Gonna Live the
Life (I Sing About)" and the very sexy "Would You Come Out and Play"

Ladyslipper listing for "Live at IMA"

Below, my all-time favorite music magazine was "Hot Wire," edited by Toni Armstronr Jr.
Besides it being everything a publication should be, which to me means tons of
in-depth journalism and lots of photos, they also boasted the release of
flexible "soundsheets" with almost every issue. They captured wonderfully
varied songs by artists of the Women's Music Movement, in the years it existed,
from 1984 to 1994. The soundsheet below included the IMA version of "Sugar Mama"

The excellent CD "Sugar Mama," produced by Linda Tillery, was released in 2000,
and therefore the album's new recording of the title track was called
"Sugar Mama 2K." The CD was awarded "Outstanding New Recording,"
by the Outmusic Awards. Between the years 2000 and 2006 that
organization's awards had credibility.

Other Vocals:

Gwen sang lead vocals on the song "Yesterday's Children" on Mary Watkins' 1978 LP "Something Moving"

Backup Vocals:


In 1977, for Meg Christian's "Face the Music" album, Gwen (and Holly Near) provided backing vocals
on the song "Where Do We Go From Here." And Gwen also backed up Gayle Marie on the song
"Stormy Nights" on the 1982 album "Night Rainbow "


Above, as the caption says, Lynn Thomas wrote the song "Together, Proud & Strong" for the
1993 March on Washington, and Gwen Avery was one of 62 folks contributing,
with her very identifiable gospel vocals soaring over the chorus.
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And below, in 2004, Gwen's song "I'm On My Way" (from the "Sugar Mama" CD)
was included in the compilation, called
"Songs from the Land: A Celebration of the Hopland Women's Festival"

Gwen is one of many featured in the wonderful, I repeat, wonderful DVD "Radical Harmonies"