Nov 2011
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Two Wonderful Interviews, If I do Say So Myself..:)

This month I get to share with you two interviews, with artists who both began recording
in the mid-1970's, Arnold McCuller and Gwen Avery. First is Arnold McCuller, and while
he's a successful solo artist, he's also quite well known as a very in-demand session singer,
who's been on thousands of recordings over the course of 35 years. He's provided exquisite
backing vocals for a who's who of the music industry. We covered his whole career, which
included some comments on working with Luther Vandross, Michael Callen, and James Taylor.

My second interview, with Gwen Avery, was especially a treat because it's the first she's done
in many years. Of course we talked about the music, including her signature song "Sugar Mama,"
but she also had some quite candid comments about the folks at Olivia Records. Also, I've got
two additional segments for Gwen, a rare 1979 radio concert, not heard in over 30 years,
and a collection of rare tracks.

Update, sadly Gwen passed on January 31, 2014, age 71.

Part 1 - 60:00
Arnold McCuller - Freebird (2000)
Arnold McCuller Interview (2011)
Melissa Manchester - Oh Heaven (1974)
Revelation - Get Ready for This (1975)
Good Vibrations - God Only Knows / I Get Around / Good Vibrations (1978)
Melissa Manchester & Arnold McCuller - Whenever I Call You Friend (1979)
Arnold McCuller - Nowhere to Run (1979)
David Benoit, featuring Arnold McCuller - Take a Look Inside My Heart (1982)
Arnold McCuller, with Bonnie Raitt - Soul Searchin' (1990)
Arnold McCuller - A Mama Like Mine (1995)
Michael Callen, with Holly Near, Cris Williamson, John Bucchino, Arnold McCuller
   - They Are Falling All Around Us (1996)
Arnold McCuller - Nick of Time (2002)
Arnold McCuller - I Can't Make You Love Me (2002)
James Taylor - Shower the People (1998, Live, Beacon Theatre, NYC)
Arnold McCuller - Soon As I Get Paid (2011)
Arnold McCuller - Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (2011)
Arnold McCuller - Gods and Monsters (2011)

Part 2 - 59:54
Gwen Avery - I'm Gonna Live the Life I Sing About (1993)
Gwen Avery Interview (2011)
Gwen Avery - A Change (1976)
Gwen Avery - Back Yard Blues (1976, live)
Gwen Avery - Sugar Mama (1977)
Gwen Avery - Do It On Your Own (1979, live)
Lynn Thomas & 62 Others - Together Proud & Strong (1993)
Gwen Avery - Shout It Out (1993)
Gwen Avery - Suzanne (2000)
Gwen Avery - Georgia on My Mind (2000)
Gwen Avery - Sugar in My Bowl (2000)
Gwen Avery - I'm on My Way (2000)
Gwen Avery - Sugar Mama (2000)

Part 3 - 58:31
Gwen Avery in Concert, September 28, 1979,
At the Cooper Union, NYC, aired on WBAI

Cry No More
You'll Find Love
Do It On My Own
Shout It Out
Primitive Land
I'm On My Way
Sugar Mama
Wonders of the World

Part 4 - Bonus Segment of Rare Tracks - 39:51

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Gwen Avery - A Change (1976)
Gwen Avery - I'm On My Way (1976)
Gwen Avery - Hurry On Down (1976)
Gwen Avery - Backyard Blues (1976)
Gwen Avery & Mary Watkins - Yesterday's Children (1978)
Gwen Avery - I'm Gonna Live the Life (1984)
Gwen Avery - Trouble In Mind / CC Rider /
Gwen Avery - Missing You / Ooh Poo Pa Doo (1993)

Gwen Avery is not on the internet but for scheduling performaces can be reached at:
Gwen Avery
PO Box 328, Cazadero, CA 95421