October 2008
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Interviews With
Gaye Adegbalola & Scott Free

This month's show features two artists who are Very Out & Proud,
and their latest albums well represent our community.

Playlist - 69:45 min

Gaye Adegbalola - Queer Blues (2008)
Gaye Adegbalola Interview
Gaye Adegbalola & Cleome - Let It Be Me (2008)
Saffire - Middle Aged Blues (1990)
Saffire - I Lost My Baby to Another Man (1996)
Gaye Adegbalola - Big Ovaries Baby (1999)
Gaye Adegbalola - Prove It On Me Blues (2004)
Gaye Adegbalola - BD Woman's Blues (2004) *
Gaye Adegbalola - Bareback (2008)
Gaye Adegbalola - I Ain't Ashamed (2008)

Scott Free early medley: Higher (1987) /
    Beat the Rap (1984) / Garbage Man (1997)
Scott Free Interview
Scott Free - Like a Girl (2002, live, part)
Scott Free - Like a Girl (2008)
Scott Free - Mom Dad I (2008)
Scott Free - Meet Mr Right (2008)
Scott Free - Act Up Fight Back (2008)
Scott Free - Not Good Enough (1999) *
Scott Free - My Generation (2008)
Scott Free - Free (2008)

* = Internet Version only


see the script and a LOT more about these artists

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Gaye Adegbalola
Scott Free

Gaye, photo by Suzanne Moe  Gaye and her partner, Suzanne Moe

Gaye, photo by Suzanne Moe  press kit button  Gaye, photo by Suzanne Moe

"Bitter Sweet Blues" 1999  "Neo-Classic Blues" 2004  "Blue Mama Black Son" 2006

Gaye is a founding member of Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women

Saffire is Gaye Adegbalola, Andra Faye and Ann Rabson -- Click for their site

Saffire is Gaye Adegbalola, Andra Faye and Ann Rabson

"Middle Age Blues" 1987, cassette"Saffire - Uppity Blues Women" 1990"Hot Flash" 1991"Broad Casting" 1992"Old New Borrowed Blue" 1994"Cleaning House" 1996"Live & Uppity" 1998"Ain't Gonna Hush" 2001"Deluxe Edition" 2006

Candid Shots from Outmusic Awards, Chicago, June 2005

Gaye, during soundcheck  Gaye, at after party

Gaye & Roddy Barnes

Above and below, with Roddy Barnes and JD

Gaye & JD, at Awards after party




"Free" video pics

See the hit video for Scott's song "Free"

  photo by Kevin Berritt  

Scott's label

"Getting Off" 1997  "The Living Dead" 1999

"They Call Me Mr Free" 2004  

Above & below, cassette and 45rpm versions of Scott's 1997 EP

Candid Shots

Above, the first time I met Scott, during the weekend of the 1998 GLAMA Awards (in April, 1999). I grabbed this shot with Micah Barnes, Scott and Dean Johnson (of Velvet Mafia, who died in September 2007). This was taken at A Different Light Bookstore. Scott's told me that the folks who were not asked to perform at GLAMA wanted to get together and play songs in the basement of Different Light along w/ the CD signing event - that fell apart, but he wrote a song specifically to perform there - it was "Not Good Enough"

Below, at a June 2002 show at Sun Music Company, NYC,
during the weekend of the Outmusic Awards

June 2005 Outmusic Chicago Candid Shots, at various events


Scott won two Outmusic Awards at the event in Chicago in June of
2005, for Outmusician of the Year and Out Song of the Year. Above
right he's accepting one of them, and on the left is shown with fellow
winner Dylan Rice. Below, with Village People Cowboy Randy Jones.

Above, with Robert Urban, Jenny Urban (no relation), Tori Fixx. Below, with Pam Smith
(of Amazon Radio, winner of Outstanding Support Award), JD Doyle, and Mekole Wells.