Rick & Andy and Mark & Dean

Long John Baldry and Feeding the Flame

Ernie Lijoi & Lilith

Rick Berlin and Alan Lett

Vanity Bear & Ivy Bottini

Alive and Frankie Jaxon

Bootlickers and Kub65

2 by Susan Werner

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Billy Banks and Billi & Patti

Bear Tracks 3 and Terry Christopher

Bearforce1 and Homo Revolution Tour

Baba Yaga and Jason & deMarco

Judybats and Rhiannon

Esquerita and Little Richard

Rainbow Flava & Kitty Rose

Roberto & Daisy Dynamite

My eighth anniversary show and also my 100th broadcast show, and a look back at the Best Albums of 2007, of course, a very subjective look.
New Queer Musicals. Opening with the musical "Twist" and showcasing "Bare the Musical," with an interview with its composer, Damon Intrabartolo.
Two great interviews: from Scotland, soulful singer/songwriter Horse, and Alicia Bridges, of "I Love the Nightlife" fame.
Special interview with singer/songwriter Kristian Hoffman, celebrating his long career, and his work with Klaus Nomi and The Mumps.
The history of Olivia Records, the most important label in our music culture. You'll hear Every artist they recorded. Also, a complete Olivia Records Discography.
Gay Marriage Songs. A look at the cream of the same-sex marriage song crop, and a link to my special section on this subject.

An interview with Elliot Pilshaw, co-founder of The Flirtations, an original cast member of "Ten Percent Revue," founder of the group Sons & Lovers, and an excellent solo artist.

"Songs I've Been Meaning To Play" a show, where I bring all kinds of music, including mini-interviews with nine artists, wrapped up in 4 1/2 hours of programming.
A tribute to "Walls to Roses: Songs of Changing Men," the landmark 1979 album, plus interviews with Willie Sordillo, Chris VonTanner and Charlie Murphy, and more.
Interviews with blues artist Gaye Adegbalola and rocker Scott Free, as they talk about their new releases, both of which I consider GLBT masterpieces of their careers.
Lesbians on Cassette. The rule was, the recording had to ONLY be released on tape, not vinyl or CD, so this show is packed with indy artist obscurities & rare lesbian music
Of course during my December show I showcase the best of Queer Xmas Music ...I did almost 5 hours, including interviews with Cris Williamson, and others.
Musicbear and Straight & Gay  Billy Wright & Outpunk Dance Party Steve Schalchlin & Bayard Rustin