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January 2015
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Welcome to my Best of the Year Show! During the year I get to hear a large number of
new CDs by LGBT artists, so it is indeed difficult to narrow things down to the music that
will fit into a show, so yes, this is a very, Very subjective Best of the Year list.


Part 1 - 60:49 - Albums & EPs
Neon Trees - Teenager in Love
Matt Fishel - Finally
Tom Goss - Wait
Theo Tams - Stay
Alix Olson - Everybody's Waiting
Emily Herring - The Girl Can Dance
Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill
Sam Smith - Stay With Me
Matt Gold - Let It Out
Matthew Connor - How Is July Already Over
David Raleigh - Do It To Me
Nakhane Touré - Christopher
Against Me - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Jesse Hultberg - Listen to Me Breathe
Mary Lambert - Secrets
Megan Lane - Someday We Will Leave This Town

Part 2 - 61:15 - Singles
Sugarbeach - You Believe in Love
Martine Locke - All My Day
Sarah Golden - The One I Love
Band Hennessy - I've Been Broken Before
Laura Cheadle - It's Not Okay
Micah Barnes - New York Story
Doug Locke - This Could Be Us
Matt Ryanz - It's Love to Me
Eli Lieb - Safe in My Hands (Pop Remix)
Julian Hornik - Altoona, Pennsylvania
K Anderson - 14 Year Old Me
Devin Tait & the Traitors - Now I Know What I Want
Alex Woburn - Stop Playing That Film
Ty Herndon - Journey On
Josiah Carr - Love Is Love
Matt Zarley - I Just Knew

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Part 1 - Albums & EPs
Shown in order of playlist

Part 2 - Singles