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September 2012

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My first ever salute to the genre of Spoken Word, of course all by GLBT artists.
I've got 46 performers spanning 45 years, from Allen Ginsberg to Zorras, some adding music,
some just reading, some funny, some sweet, some political and many angry, and all with a message.


Part 1 - 59:35
Alix Olson - Checking My Pulse (2001)
Xicano Sol - He Swallowed (2009)
Adodi Muse - Ain't Got Sense Enuf to Be 'Shamed (2004)
Tish Jones - March for Me (2012)
Julia Serano - Vice Versa (2002)
Meryn Cadell - The Sweater (1992)
Dana Baitz - Freak of Nature (2005)
Juliana Luecking - Esperanza Dreams (1994)
Scott Turner Schofield - Debutante Balls (2001)
Tom Robinson - Gay Parenting (2000)
David Sedaris - I Like Guys (1997)
Tom Wilson Weinberg - 1:00 a.m. (1977)
W.H. Auden read by John Hannah - Funeral Blues (1994)
Diverse Harmony - Our World (2004)
Judy Grahn - A History of Lesbianism (1977)
Pat Parker - For Straight Folks Who Don't Mind Gays
     But Wish They Weren't So Blatant (1977)

Part 2 - 66:24
Zorras - Nest (2009)
Ryan Cassata - Trans Slam (2011)
Dr. Madelyn Hatter - The Lesbian Avenger (2005)
Sassafrass Lowery - This Was All a Lie (2009)
Ryka Aoki - Less Than or Equal to One (2009)
Yolo Akili - Concretely (2010)
Regie Cabico & Taylor Mali - Coming Out (2010)
Roo - Home for Christmas (2006)
Ivan Coyote - A Butch Roadmap (2010)
S. Bear Bergman - Boxer Briefs (2007)
Athens Boys Choir - Queers in Kentucky (2004)
Evalyn Parry - Profit in the Margins (2005)
Drew Blood - Last Chance / You Don't See Me / He Knows Love (1990)
Rod McKuen - Eros (1968)
Allen Ginsberg - Please, Master (written 1968, recorded 1976)
Kit Yan - Return to Butch (2012)

Part 3 - 65:19
Guante - Neutral: An Open Letter to Michele Bachman (2012)
Corey E. Houlihan - What If (2011)
Jen/Ed - One Breasted President (2005)
Sarah D. - Sarah Rides the Greyhound (1995)
Andrea Gibson - I Do (2007)
Robert Patrick - Caffe Cino: 50 Years Ago Today (2011)
Harvey Fierstein - Pouf Positive (1995)
Ian Stephens - The AIDS Guy (1993)
Chris Cochrane, Dennis Cooper, Ishmael Houston-Jones -
      I Met Julian Andes, 19, in Line (2011)
Donald Currie - My First Lover / Picture It Now (2002)
Ray Hill - Houston in the 1950's/60's (1992)
Mike Miesch - from Judy Grahn's "Another Mother Tongue" (1985)
Burt Topper - The Gay Teenager (1967)
Dean Johnson - Girdle (1997)

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Obviously, these are not all the GLBT spoken-word
artists...Youtube is also an excellent source


March 2019

Special Bonus Segment

Adodi Muse: A Gay Negro Ensemble

I obtained the material for this interview in late 2004, and only used a part of it (for an
Audiofile segment). I recently realized I still had the full interview and that it was just
too good to keep buried, so I edited it into this segment so it could be shared. 34 Minutes.

Songs Included:

Man to Man / It Begins / That Wilson Boy / Out
What Was I Thinking / Ain't Got Sense Enuf to be 'Shamed


Quote: "This is Anthony Antoine with the Adodi Muse, a gay Negro ensemble.
We present an in-your-face collection of performance poetry, singing, rapping
and more that is fierce, funny, confrontational, dangerous, entertaining. We
often make you laugh, we can make you cry, it's all passion and we're
passionate about what we do."

They have a very inactive Facebook Page

Anthony Antoine Facebook Page

Anthony Antoine YouTube Channel

Jim Stryker Speaks

No, he wasn't part of this show and it's not really 'spoken word,' but I had this on my
blog and also wanted to capture it on my actual site, for posterity...and this was
the logical place.

Not a music entry this time, but sort of a "spoken word" one, by one of the most popular "models" of physique magazines of the mid-1950's and early 1960's, Jim Stryker. The very amateur "dialogue" (and delivery) was fairly suggestive, considering the times, and I think it was certainly intended for the listener to "read things into" what he says. Stryker was mostly known for photos of him in "Young Physique," "Demi-God," and Champion publications. One interview I've read with one of his photographers said Stryker was bisexual, and that he lost track of him in the 1970's, when Stryker had a wife and family. So, this was a six-minute talking "ad" for his modelling work, probably from around 1961, as seen in the ad below.

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See Stryker for Much More