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January 2013
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Welcome to my Best of the Year Show!
During the year I get to hear a large number of
new CDs by GLBT artists, so it is indeed difficult
to narrow things down to the music that will fit
into a show, so yes, this is a very, Very subjective
Best of the Year list.

And like last year, there's also a Part 2,
for songs from singles or from an EP.

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Songs on Playlists are in No order


Part 1 - 59:00
Mika - Celebrate
Kiya Heartwood - Change (Is Gonna Come)
Levi Kreis - Gonna Be Alright
Rick Berlin - Kitchy
Matt Alber - The River
Andy Units - Sea of Stars
Matt Gold - Oh, Joe
Maia Sharp - Me After You
Veronica Klaus - Hunter Gets Captured by the Game
Kevin Wong - Books & Drinks
Sir Ari Gold - If I Steal Your Boyfriend
Ezra Axelrod - American Motel
Jay Brannan - Beautifully
Michael V. Doane - Follow Me, Follow You
Krystle Warren - Forever Is a Long Time
Gossip - Move in the Right Direction

Part 2 - 60:00
Gavin Creel - Noise
AG - I Saw Her Standing There
LP - Into the Wild
Jen Foster - You Stayed
Cheyenne Jackson - Drive
Richard Hefner - Girls & Boys
Josiah Carr - Alone with You
Chris Riffle - And I Love Him
Jana Fisher - 30k
Pushovers - Boy or Girl
Kat Devlin - Dear Emmi
Sugarbeach - Led Me To You
Jason Gould - Amazing
Jonas Oakland - Who's That Boy
Darren Ockert - The Rain from London
Matt Fishel - Behind Closed Doors

Part 1 - Albums
Shown in order of playlist







Part 2 - Singles & EPs






above, for the moment Jason Gould's song is found only on the "Scrooge & Marley" soundtrack;
It's not on his debut EP, above right, but I wanted to show what he looks like