Part 2

April 2006

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My shows for March and April are dedicated to "Those Singing Drag Queens." And my goal is to both honor and to give a thorough history of the drag artists who actually did their own singing. Part 1, last month, started the history beginning in the 1920's, and covered through the mid-80s. For April I'll tackle the last 20 years of this history, with 77 songs by 35 artists.

Visit the Drag Artist Discography
In conjunction with these two shows, I've added a new section to my website: Drag Artist Discography, which gives photos of the artists and recordings, and articles and other information, kind of a resource center. This will also allow me to provide just a couple photos of each of the 34 artists on the three sections of Part 2 of this show. Click to go there.
With 35 different artists on this supersized show, I'm going
to spread them over three main pages, click for page 2
Part 1        60:00
RuPaul - Supermodel (1992)
RuPaul - Ping Ting Ting (1987, in background)
RuPaul Medley:
     Strudelmodel (1993)
     Free to Be (1995)
     Back to My Roots (1993)
     If You Were a Woman, and I Were a Man (1996)
     Snapshot (1996)
     It's Raining Men, the Sequel (1998, with Marsha Wash)
     Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1994, with Elton John)
     RuPaul the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1997)
     Love Is Love (2004)
     Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous (2004)
Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side
Holly Woodlawn - Tell Him (1986)
Pussy Tourette - I Think He's Gay (1993)
Pussy Tourette - Brand New Day (2006)
Lady Bunny - Shame Shame Shame (1996)
Joey Arias - Them There Eyes (1995, with Lady Bunny intro)
Mistress Formika - Fight For Your Right To Be Queer (1995)
Joey Arias & Sherry Vine - All That Jazz (1999)
Sherry Vine - The Lady Is A Tramp (1999)
Tina C - I'm Tina C (1997)
Tina C - I Thought I Left You (What 'Cha Doin' Alive) (1999)
Tina C - If You Ever Hit Me (1997)
Tina C - No Dick's As Hard as My Life ( 2001)
Jimmy James - 8 Divas: I Got It Bad (1999)
Jimmy James - Fashionista (2006)
Honey West & Alexandra Billings - Fifty Percent /
     I Know Him So Well (1997)
Honey West - All of Me (2003)
Honey West - The Dick Dock (2003)
Noel - It's Just a Phase (1998)
Way Out Girls - I'm the Leader of the Gang (1998)

Part 2         64:16
Trinity - Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing) (1999)
Trinity - Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (1998)
Kevin Aviance - Home (1999)
Kevin Aviance - Alive (2002)
Ridiculous Theatre Company -
     Thank God He Made Me a Drag Queen (1992)
Steven Brinberg - Funny Girl (1999)
Randy Roberts - Fag Hag Blues (1999)
Shirley Q Liquor - Bull Dagga Bar / Lesbulldaggas (2001)
Kiki & Herb - Fox in the Snow/Holiday (2000)
Varla Jean Merman - Reach Out and
     Touch (Somebody's Man) (2001)
Varla Jean Merman & Kristine Zbornik -
     Enough Is Enough (2005)
Mark Alan Smith - Harper Valley PTA (2001)
Genny Randon - I'm Your Drag Queen (2001)
Sestre - Samo Ljubezen (2002)
The Working Girls - If You Hold My Hand (2002)
Courtney Act - You Shook Me All Night Long (2003)
Della Catessen - Can't Help Lovin That Man - Am I Blue - My      Man (1999)
Scandelle - Speak Easy (2003)
Scandelle - Just Getting Started (2005)

Part 3         59:52
Mabel Dawn Davis - Peel Me a Grape (2003)
Alfred Lewis - Bette Davis Eyes (2004)
Kinsey Sicks - Dragapella (2005)
Kinsey Sicks Medley:
     Group Kinsey Sicks (1999)
     Where the Goys Are (1999)
     Gay Sera Sera (1999)
     Baby Dyke (1999)
     Locked Out of the Chapel of Love (2002)
     You're Scaring Us (2002)
     Proud Marys (1997)
     Rent-A-Homo (2004)
     Gay Straight or Bi (1999)
     Kinsey Sicks Theme (1997)
Kinsey Sicks - I Will Swallow Him (1999)
Jackie Beat - From a Distance (2005)
Jackie Beat Medley (2004):
     Jackie Beat Theme Song
     Were You Aware I'm a Man
     Baby Got Front / Put It In Me
Hedda Lettuce - Hedda Lettuce Theme Song
Hedda Lettuce - Gimme Gimme Gimme (2004)
Chixie Dix - Dancing Queen (2004)
Chixie Dix - Marry Me (2004)
Nicolas Ferrer & Sade Pendarvis - Ain't No Mountain (2004)
Yolanda - You and I (Marry Me) 2004
Yolanda - Freedom (2002)


For the last 20 years RuPaul has left his mark on our culture, and now a series of dolls has been released in his image. I've shown one, below his CDs

And, check out my January 2005 show
for an interview with RuPaul.

"Holly came from Miami   F-L-A., hitch-hiked her way across the USA, plucked her eyebrows on the way, shaved her legs, and then he was a she..." And then was "discovered" by Andy Warhol, starred his movies "Trash" and "Women in Revolt"...and somehow Holly Woodlawn survived it all, and wrote about it ("A Low Life in High Heels"). I'm very pleased to feature her unreleased concert recording of the Exciters' song "Tell Him" and, better yet, its video!
Click for it and more.

Pussy Tourette stormed on to the San Franscisco music scene in the early 90s, winning the Entertainer of the Year at the Cable Car Awards in 1993. From her first CD, "In Hi-Fi" she embodied the song "French Bitch" as a hit video, and her music has been used in a number of films. "Brand New Day" is her latest CD single.

Lady BunnyJoey AriasMistress Formika

Ah, "Wigstock," the 1995 movie, and the showplace for many drag artists, least of all it's annual hostess, Lady Bunny. And it's movie soundtrack boasts many of the best performances, such as Joey Arias channelling Billie Holiday, and the anthemic "Fight For Your Right to Be Queer," by Mistress Formika.

A prolific artist in her own right, Sherry Vine also graced a number of various artist album projects, such as starring with Joey Arias on their "Starlust" CD.

From San Antonio, Jimmy James is one of the best of the modern impressionists, ably capturing a wide variety of celebrities. My personal favorite is her Christmas album, which contains a hysterical reading of Bette Davis doing "Feliz Navidad."

Who could resist a drag artist with a country song called "No Dick's As Hard As My Life"? Not me, certainly, so I've tracked down every release by Tina C I could find. Tina C is one of the creations of Christopher Green (another is Ida Barr), and she's been very visible in the UK and Australia in recent years.
Honey West has been a hit in Chicago since her one-woman show in 1990, and her extensive cabaret work has included appearances in a number of musicals. Her 1997 CD "Take Honey West Home" includes a delicious duet with a noted former drag artist, and now transgendered singer and actress, Alexandra Billings. Honey's latest CD is "My Big Fat Cheesy Lounge Act."

The duality of Noel is shown and heard on his 1998 album, "It's Just a Phase." Wish he had released another CD.

I think the Way Out Girls (UK, 1998) were put together to be a drag rip-off of the Spice Girls, and it worked.

Well, with 35 different artists on this supersized show, I'm going
to spread them over three main pages, click for page 2

And, in my July 2013 show I flipped it over, and you can hear three hours of Songs ABOUT Drag Queens

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