Lucie Blue Tremblay & Meg & Chris

Daniel Cartier & Melissa Ferrick

Julian & Sandy, Heather Bishop

Brady Earnhart & Boys Entrance

DiscoTex & Kitty Rose

Well-Oiled Sisters & Rufus Wainwright

Douglas Wood & Village People

Steve Lynn & Dylan Rice

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Steven Sondheim, Jill Sobule

Jackie Shane & Saturn

Bill McKinley, Betsy Lippitt

Communards & Steve Gellman

Lynzi Wildheart & Spivy

Metropolitan Klezmer & Man2Man

Patrick Juvet & Jane Waynes

Fanny & Flower & McLaren

Exclusive interview with rising singer/songwriter Levi Kreis, and tributes to lesbian band Yer Girlfriend, pop troubadour Bill Folk and cabaret artist Larry Paulette.
The wonderful music of Lucie Blue Tremblay graces this month's show, along with a special interview. Also: 70's lesbian acts Jade & Sarsaparilla, Izquierda and Carole Etzler.
"Those Singing Drag Queens, Part 1." A very special 3-hour show exploring the history of Drag Artists who actually sang, from 1922 to the mid 80s. Plus an exclusive interview with Atlanta's Drag Diva Diamond Lil.
"Those Singing Drag Queens, Part 2." Continuing the story, another 3 hours, covering the last 20 years, with the music of RuPaul, the Kinsey Sicks, and many more, known and obscure.
Ferron is the subject of this month's show, and she gave me a fascinating interview, talking about her music and her journey, and many of her songs in particular.
Here's another "Songs I've Been Meaning To Play" show, with some historic gay pride music tossed in, and some surprises...music I've been itching to share in an expanded edition.

Salute to the Outmusic 2006 Awards.
Music from all the winners, plus over 260 OMA photos, pics of the recordings, from awards show, special treats and extras.

Still another "Songs I've Been Meaning to Play" show, with a lot more goodies, a continuation from my excursion in June...three hours of obscurities, including Gertrude Stein & Alice B Toklas.
The music, past and present, of Nedra Johnson is featured on this show, with a special interview with her. Leading up to it is a nice sampling of more women's music, also past and present.
Two very candid interviews this month, starting with Ellen Seeling of the Montclair Women's Big Band and the jazz band Deuce, and then with talented Philadelphia singer/songwriter Steve Cohen.
Gay Christian Music! An 8-hour marathon of GLBT Christian artists! It includes interviews with Marsha Stevens, Shawn Thomas and Jason & deMarco, with 70 artists and 108 songs. Amen!
Time for my annual Queer Xmas Music Specials! And this year I've got three shows totalling over 4 hours...Shows packed full of the Xmas music you won't be sick of by now! With several exclusives.
Deuce & Tinky Winky (just kidding)

Lesbian Concentrate & Rus McCoy

Righteous Mothers & Jeff Miller

Together Proud & Strong, and Cliff Townsend