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I thought Christine Jorgensen's interview on the album "Christine Jorgensen Reveals" (1958) was so extraordinary that I wanted folks to be able to hear it in entirety, all 55 minutes. I think she displays quite well how articulate she was and I admire how well she handled the often inane questions with poise and a political correctness well in advance of the times. So, please enjoy the additional photos and the interview.

The interviewer, R. Russell, became more known later as comedian Nipsy Russell.



I'm very pleased to report that the LP "Christine Jorgensen Reveals" has been reissued on CD, with great liner notes, and special bonus tracks: both sides of a 45rpm record she issued ("Crazy Little Men" and "Nervous Jervis," on Jolt Records). Both songs are terrible but priceless history. The CD can be found at

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In December of 2006, a piece of history was restored and given back to us, in the form of a very rare night club show by Christine Jorgensen. Prior to this the only recording released to the public was her 1958 interview album, "Christine Jorgensen Reveals." While she made herself a career in show business for most of the rest of her life, no recording of her performances had surfaced, until now. In this 1983 recording she does some singing, tells stories about celebrities and does some impressions. You can hear a clip from the album on my December 2006 QMH show, and the whole night club show will not be released on a CD disc, but will Only be available at iTunes. And you can hear an interview with record producer David Cunard, who brought this material back to life, on my May 2007 QMH show.

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Radio Interview with

Richard Lamparski

from WBAI, 1967, 31 minutes

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Letter from Christine Jorgensen, October 1971


Below, from her autobiography she talks about the album "Christine Reveals"


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