October 2002
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Gender Benders

matchcover from the Torch Club...from Cleveland? matchcover from the Torch Club...from Cleveland?

Matchcovers of female impersonators from probably the 60's & 70's are from my collection. The Torch Club, the Jewel Box Lounge, and especially Finocchio's were famous drag clubs..
For more Finocchio's memorabilia,
click here.

Irving Kaufman, who sang as Frank Harris

Irving Kaufman (center), who also recorded under many names, including Frank Harris, at the Okeh Recording Studio in 1927


Minette's 1968 album

(hold cursor over LP
to see back side)

Diamond Lil's "Listen, Listen"

Above, Diamond Lil LP "Listen Listen," from New Zealand, 1976, Below, Effie Dropbottom's 1968 "Tells It Like It Is" album

Effie Dropbottom


Artist Links:
Lisa Jackson
Georgie Jessup

Lisa Jackson    Lisa Jackson, photo by Ed Mannix

Above, Lisa Jackson, and below, her first release, a 4-song EP, 2002. Lisa's a straight cross-dresser. Color photo above by Ed Mannix.

The many faces of Yolanda


Yolanda, photo by Ed Mannix

Above, a pretty-in-pink photo
by Ed Mannix, Summer 2002

photo by Luc Georges

matchcover from the Jewel Box Lounge, Kansas City matchcover from the Jewel Box Lounge, Kansas City


Playlist:  (airdate 10/28/02)
Dirdy Birdies Jug Band - masculine
   women, feminine men (2001)

Frank Harris - masculine women,
   feminine men (1926)

Bill Amesbury - a thrill's a thrill (1976)
Minette-LBJ, don't take my man
   away (1968)

Ty Bennett - excerpt from "Queen
   For A Day" (early 1960's)

Diamond Lil - excerpt from "Listen,
   Listen" (1976)

Effie Dropbottom - excerpt from
   "Tells It Like It Is" (1968)

Liz Lyons - from "Up Your Ass" (1975)
Georgie Jessup - post-op freeway    (2000)
Georgie Jessup - drag city (2002)

Lisa Jackson - fabulously done (2002)

Yolanda Interview (at 38:00)

Yolanda - right to surrender (1999)
Yolanda - freedom (2002)


Francis Renault


Dirdy Birdies Jug Band

Above, the Dirdy Birdies Jug Band recorded just the latest of many versions of "Masculine Women, Feminine Men"

Ty Bennett LP

(below, from back of LP)

liner notes from Ty Bennett LP

Lee Leonard, aka Liz Lyons


Georgie Jessup

Above & below, Georgie Jessup, and right, two of her albums

Georgie Jessup

the first CD, 1999

the 2002 EP

Above, Yolanda's first CD, from 1999, and her brand new 3-song EP, and, below, you're never fully dressed without a smile...

who else but....

Click for more on Yolanda

 Bill Amesbury

Bill Amesbury on his 1976 album cover "Can You Feel It." He later became Barbara Amesbury.

lyrics, "A Thrill's A Thrill"

Ty Bennett

Ty Bennett, above, from "Gay International," from Toronto, 1965. An article in it mentioned her next LP, "Ty One On With Ty" was due shortly. As far as I know, that never happened.
Click for more info on
Ty Bennett

Liz Lyons

Above and below, the Liz Lyons album, and left, as she performed as Lee Leonard in the 1940s. Click HERE to see a Very rare photo of her, as Lee Leonard.

Liz Lyons

Georgie Jessup CD

Georgie Jessup CD


Yolanda at Sun Music Company

Above, Yolanda performing at Sun Music Company, June 7, 2002

Sun Music Company logo
Click on the Sun Music logo to hear Yolanda's concert there, from June 7th, 2002, a Robert Urban Production (35 min). Among the songs included are "Right To Surrender," "Angel," Freedom," and a very twisted finale of "Lola" turned into "Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo-Landa"


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