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Part 3 - 63:28
Straight Up Queer - Woof (2005)
Straight Up Queer - Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down (2006)
Tommy Johns - Hate Is Not a Family Value (2005)
Tommy Johns - You and Me (2005)
Max Christopher - Stupid Happy Song (2006)
Hirsute Pursuit - I Know What Boys Like (2006)
Kendall - Ain't Love Queer (2005)
Kendall - Fuzzy Bear (2004)
The Rugburns - My Boyfriend (1994)
Pahtcub - Be There (2006)
Greg Hudson Interview, continued
Reigning Men - Gaydar (2002)
Vanity Bear - Bear Fatal Is My Name (2005)
Michael West - What If (2007)
Michael West - Mr Misunderstood (2004)
Manchester Manbears - That Don't
   Impress Me Much (2006)
Ron Morris - Have To Do (2005)
Ron Morris - More (2005)

Straight Up Queer

Chris and Mark formed a band in the mid-90's, and that band evolved through several different names, changed focus, and today they are known as Straight Up Queer. So far their music is only available as digital downloads from their site, but it's worth the trip.

And, I don't know if the pics below are really Hirsute Pursuit, but they are what are shown at his myspace site. I heard an internet interview with him in which he was evasive about whether those were his pics. Anway, his name is Harley Phoenix (though actually that sounds like it might be made up also) and his site offers some other songs, of the much more explicit variety, such as ones called "Atta Boy" and "Cock Thoughts." No CD so far...

Hirsute Pursuit, perhaps  Hirsute Pursuit, perhaps

  Hirsute Pursuit, perhaps  Hirsute Pursuit, perhaps

Tommy Johns

Tommy John's song "Hate Is Not a Family Value" is outstanding, but by no means should the rest of his work be ignored. I have two examples on this show, including, for a change of pace, his very acoustic song "You and Me." His two albums are shown below, and below that is a candid shot by William Kumberger of Tommy at the Bearapalooza at Sawmill Campgrounds i Dade City, FL, last November.

Tommy Johns CD

Tommy Johns, photo by William Kumberger

Max Christopher  Max Christopher  Max Christopher

A Bearapalooza veteran, and contributor to Freddy Freeman's "Break the Silence" CD, Max Christopher now
has his own CD, "Fresh Chrome." It's very good material, especially the irrestible "Stupid Happy Song."

Kendall's music, and from photos I've seen, his stage act, covers a wide range...from his
drag personna Orgasmatron to his novelty songs ("GI Barbie," "Hot Drunk Guys") to
songs with a message ("Permission") to his outrageous videos, seems like he does it all.

"Re-Kindled"  Kendall  Kendall

The Rugburns CD  Steven Poltz          Pahtcub

An early song (1994) referring to a gay male as a bear was by the Rugburns, and my net searches have
not been able to figure out if the group's lead singer and writer, Steven Poltz, is gay or not, but it's not
the only song on the album with gay sensibility, and hey, ya gotta love an album called "Morning Wood."

Patrick Kelly's latest CD is under the name Pahtcub (the "h" is silent, in case you were wondering) and
it's called "Situation Normal," but I was pleased he sent me an unreleased song to share, "Being There"

Below, more Greg Hudson, this time in a pre-Bear Tracks release (2002) he did with his partner and a
friend, all going under the name Reigning Men, with their CD "Family Out-ing." Of course it includes a
song called "Bear"

And, Greg introduced me to Vanity Bear, from Spain. Most of their music is in Spanish, but I think you'll
still enjoy their video (on YouTube) called "Chubby Boy." I don't have the actual "Bear Fatal Is My Name"
disc, but found a couple scans to share with you...unfortunately the large scan is strategically cropped.

Reigning Men  Reigning Men  Vanity Bear

Manchester Manbears video pic

No, you can't play the above video from here, but you can easily find them on YouTube.com, and it's worth it. The bear goes by the name Werewolf, and he leads the Manchester Manbears (from UK) in the modified Shania Twain song "That Don't Impress Me Much"

Ron Morris CD "Speak True"

I love the 2004 debut album "Speak True" by Ron Morris, and was pleased to meet him (pic below) last June in NYC at his house concert, sure looking forward to his next CD.

JD & Ron

Ron Morris

Michael West

I only have downloads so far from Nashville artist Michael West, but love what he's doing, looking forward to his "Leaving Nashvegas" album

MIchael West

Michael West is also in a bear band called Ursa Major Band

Ursa Major Band

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