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Le Carrousel, Paris ...

Like many programs for female impersontion clubs, this one is not dated...I presume to give
the program a longer shelf-life. Also making dating it more difficult is that the club had and
has such a long history...from around 1936 until the present, though with many changes.
I believe the featuring of female impersonators began in the early 50s, with Coccinelle
becoming the first huge star.

In addition, I believe the program is intended to be more historical than to represent any
particular show...the program is 44 pages and no cast is that large. I also think it is
interesting that at the back is an ad for another very famous and long-lasting female
impersonation club, Madame Arthur's. Best guess, this program is from the early 1960's.
Also, Sonne Teal is featured (spelled 'Sone' here). She died in a plane crash in 1966,
with no mention here of her passing.

Also, I have two recordings by Habanita. She was not in these programs but
performed at the club and was noteworthy enough to get at least two releases.



Plus, click on the small images to see other Madame Arthur and Le Carrousel programs:

Madame Arthur's                 

Above Sonne Teal (spelled Sone here) died in a plane crash in 1966

I do not make a practice of putting my "watermark" on images, but recently some of my more
expensive items have found their way to other websites, without the advantage of being asked
for permission...and this program was indeed rare and pricey.

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