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 Madame Arthur's, Paris...


{Coccinelle began her female impersonation career in 1953}

Featuring, in order: Maslowa, Maxime, Errina, Suzy, Hula, Violetta, Robert Dalbray, Patricia,
Tani, Dany Dan, Pepe, Michel Dora, Bettina, Claude Andre, Cricri Mory, Michou, Pampilla, Christina,
Dana Worth, Manon, Coccinelle, Bambi, Roger Stefani, Lucrece, Rita, Yasmina, Sone Teal,
Gerard Duflot, Max Amil, Lisa, Patrick, Roland, Capucine, Rick Meilan, Gilbert Garso, Les-Lee,
Valdes, Arabelle, Michaelli, Rolandys, Minouche, Kiki Moustic, Gigi

Note that on the pages some are identified as "Chez Mme Arthur" and some as "Au Carrousel,"
with the latter being performers from the other famous Paris club. The two clubs
were closely affiliated

Also this is one of two programs I have with identical covers, though they only share four pages in common, and even those had the difference of lacking the small inset of the performer as a male

Plus, click on the small images to see other Madame Arthur and Le Carrousel programs:

Madame Arthur's                  

Program is 8" x 10"


Above, advertising coasters for the two clubs

And, (Dec 2018) in an unlikely plot turn in the cable TV show "The Marvelous Mrs Maisel,"
Season 2 Episode, she finds herself on stage at "Madame Arthur" and does a
stand-up routine, with mixed results....but giving us a great look at this club.
The show is set in the late 1950s, but as the club looks the same today, it is a nice treat.