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Berkeley Women's Music Collective

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Above, rare early pic, with Jake still in group...she left to join Bebe K'Roche.
The photo appeard in the LP insert for "Lesbian Concentrate"

Two articles below from Paid My Dues, V3-3, Jul-Sep '79



From PMD, V3-3, '79, Gig listings and Ad

Three pics below from the marvelous film "Radical Harmonies"

Above flyer shows both Nancy and Bonnie, so was likely from 1976

Bonnie Lockhart - "Still Ain't Satisfied"

Below, Bonnie's earlier band, the Red Star Singers.
"Still Ain't Satisfied" appears on their 1974 album.
Other members: Gary Lapow, Mike Margulis, & Ron Rosenbaum

Recent band, including Nancy Vogl & Suzanne Shanbaum: