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Olivia Records Discography

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Olivia Records
Gwen Avery
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Berkeley Women's Music Collective
Joanna Cazden
Meg Christian
Dianne Davidson
Sue Fink
Tret Fure
Kay Gardner
BeBe K'Roche
Lesbian Concentrate LP
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Teresa Trull
Robin Tyler
Nancy Vogl
Mary Watkins
Cris Williamson

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Olivia Records Discography

For those who like their data tablulated

Notes: I gave the format as first one used, though later some albums (LP) were reissued on CD,
as were some cassettes (CS), and some on multiple formats at the same time. I capitalized the
album titles and not the ones for the 45s, and listed each side of a 45 separately.
Of course I welcome corrections and especially additions.

Listed Chronologically
Olivia 901 7" Cris Williamson if it weren't for the music   1974
Olivia 901 7" Meg Christian lady   1974
Olivia 902 LP Meg Christian I Know You Know   1974
Olivia 903 7" Meg Christian goodbye joanna morning song 1974
Olivia 904 LP Cris Williamson The Changer and the Changed   1975
Olivia 905 7" Cris Williamson sweet woman hurts like the devil 1975
Olivia 906 LP BeBe K'Roche BeBe K'Roche   1976
Olivia 907 7" BeBe K'Roche gotta make something of my life strong & free 1976
Olivia 908 7" BeBe K'Roche kahlua mama hoodoo'd
Olivia 909 LP Pat Parker & Judy Grahn Where Would I Be Without You   1976
Olivia 910 LP Teresa Trull The Ways a Woman Can Be   1977
Olivia 911 7" Teresa Trull i hope she'll see second chance 1977
Olivia 912 7" Teresa Trull i'd like to make love to you grey day 1977
Olivia 913 LP Meg Christian Face the Music   1977
Olivia 914 7" Meg Christian the road I took to you
sweet darlin' woman
Olivia 915 LP Various Artists Lesbian Concentrate   1977
Olivia 916 7" Gwen Avery sugar mama   1977
Olivia 916 7" Teresa Trull woman loving woman   1977
Olivia 917 LP Linda Tillery Linda Tillery   1978
Olivia 918 7" Linda Tillery markin' time womanly way
Olivia 919 LP Mary Watkins Something Moving   1978
Olivia 3 LP Robin Tyler Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Groom   1979
Olivia 921 LP Cris Williamson Strange Paradise   1980
Oliva 922 7" Cris Williamson rock & roll child live wire 1980
Olivia 923 LP Teresa Trull Let It Be Known   1980
Olivia 925 LP Meg Christian Turning It Over   1981
Olivia 927 LP Cris Williamson Cris Williamson   1981
Fabulous 929 LP June Millington Heartsong   1981
Olivia 931 LP Cris Williamson Blue Rider   1982
Olivia 932 7" Cris Williamson what good does it do me now heart-to-heart 1982
Olivia 935 LP Cris Williamson Portrait   1983
Olivia 937 LP Meg Christian From the Heart   1984
Olivia 939 LP Deidre McCalla Don't Doubt It   1985
Olivia 941 LP Cris Williamson Prairie Fire   1985
Olivia 942 7" Cris Williamson don't lose heart tsunami
Olivia 943 LP Cris Williamson Snow Angel   1985
Olivia 945 LP Meg Christian Scrapbook   1986
Olivia 947 LP Lucie Blue Tremblay Lucie Blue Tremblay   1986
Olivia 949 LP Nancy Vogl Fight Like the Dancer   1986
Olivia 951 LP Cris Williamson Wolf Moon   1987
Olivia 953 LP Deidre McCalla With a Little Luck   1987
Olivia 955 LP Lucie Blue Tremblay Tendresse   1989
Olivia 957 CD Meg Christian The Best of Meg Christian   1990
Olivia 959 CD Cris Williamson The Best of Cris Williamson   1990
Olivia 961 CD Margie Adam The Best of Margie Adam   1990
Olivia 963 CD Cris Williamson Live in Concert: Circle of Friends   1991
Olivia 965 CD Deidre McCalla Everyday Heroes & Heroines   1992
Olivia 967 CD Lucie Blue Tremblay Transformations   1992
Olivia 971 CD Cris Williamson & Tret Fure Postcards From Paradise   1993
Second Wave Records
SW 933 LP Meg Christian & Cris Williamson Meg & Cris at Carnegie Hall   1983
SW 22001 LP Teresa Trull & Barbara Higbie Unexpected   1983
SW 22003 LP Tret Fure Terminal Hold   1984
SW 22005 12" Alicia Bridges under the cover of darkness not ready yet +2 1984
SW 22007 LP Alicia Bridges Hocus Pocus   1984
SW 22009 LP Tret Fure Edges of the Heart   1986
SW 22009 CD Tret Fure Terminal Hold / Edges of the Heart   1986
SW 22011 LP Diane Davidson Breaking All the Rules   1988
SW 22013 CD Cris Williamson & Teresa Trull Country Blessed   1989
SW 22015 CD Tret Fure Time Turns the Moon   1990
Distributed by Olivia Records
Urana Records 80 LP Kay Gardner Mooncircles 1975
Urana Records 81 LP Casse Culver 3 Gypsies 1976
HA 81-81 LP Berkeley Women's Music Collective Berkeley Women's Music Collective 1976
Sister Sun Records 02 LP Joanna Cazden Hatching 1976
Deep River Records 1001 LP Woody Simmons Oregon Mountains 1977
TN-100-1A LP Trish Nugent Foxglove Woman 1977
HO-815 LP Berkeley Women's Music Collective Tryin' To Survive 1978
Bloodleaf Records 105 LP Baba Yaga On the Edge 1978
Dream Machine D-3 LP Cris Williamson, Jackie Robbins, June Millington Live Dreams 1978
Pacific Cascades 7035 LP Cris Williamson Lumiere 1982
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