September 2000
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Playlist: (airdate 9/25/00)
Layton & Johnstone - the man I love (1928)
Bing Crosby - ain't no sweet man worth the
   salt of my tears (78rpm, Victor 21464,
   1928, as a member of the Rhythm Boys
   with Paul Whiteman's Orchestra)
Lucie Blue Tremblay - mademoiselle
   (Olivia LP 947 "Lucie Blue Tremblay" 1986)
Alix Dobkin - if it wasn't for the women
   ("Michigan Live '85" August Night
    LP MF10, 1986)
Ferron - ain't life a brook
   (Lucy LP 003 "Testimony" 1981)
Ferron - my girl (from IMA CD 0001
   "Inside Out" 1999)

Spotlight Artist: Anita Bryant
   (NOT songs by, but songs ABOUT)
Charlie King-thank you, Anita (Rainbow
   Snake LP 002 "Somebody's Story" 1979)
Rod McKuen - don't drink the orange juice
   (Discus LP 7017 "Slide...Easy In" 1977)
Four Swallows - Lord knows, I don't need
   Anita (45rpm, Prison Records 001, 1977)
Paul Vincent - gay rock for Anita
   (45rpm, Amour 8426, 1977)
Robin Tyler - dear mrs. bryant
   (Olivia LP 3 "Always A Bridesmaid,
    Never A Groom" 1979)
Judy Small - festival of light (Plaza LP 005
   "A Natural Selection", Australia, 1980)

Note: I vastly expanded this topic, Here

Grant King - do you believe/
   scissors paper stone / bodies of water
   (Know More Secrets CD 005
    "Bodies of Water" 2000)

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Layton & Johnstone

Layton & Johnstone and Bing
sang about their sweet men,
which was okay in 1928

Bing Crosby

Artist Links:
Lucy Blue Tremblay
Alix Dobkin
Charlie King
Judy Small
Grant King


above left, Lucie Blue Tremblay's debut album, see my Feb 2006 show for an exclusive interview with her. Above center of course is Alix Dobkin and to the right is a shot of her at the 1985 Michigan Women's Music Festival. And I landed an interview with Alix for my May 2002 show. Below, Ferron's "Ain't Life a Brook" came from her 1981 album, "Testimony." Again from the 1985 album from Michigan came the shot of when she dueted on that song with Lucie Blue. And "My Girl" is from Ferron's 1999 CD "Inside Out"


Spotlight Artist:  Anita Bryant           Not Songs By Her, But Songs About Her

Charlie King's LP "Somebody's Story"      Four Swallows 45

Slide...Easy In...



A whole array of songs About Anita Bryant, and these are just a few from my collection. From the 1979 album "Somebody's Story" very gay-friendly folk singer Charlie King gave us "Thank You, Anita." And the Four Swallows chimed in with their 45 rpm release, "Lord Knows, I Don't Need Anita." Rod McKuen's song "Don't Drink The Orange Juice" appeared on a mostly Disco album he produced. The graphic extended cover is on the right. Paul Vincent's "Gay Rock for Anita" of course wasn't "for" her, and came out on 7" and 12" vinyl and was on his "Paul Vincent" full length LP, all from 1977. Robin Tyler gave a loving tribute to her as part of a comedy routine on her LP " Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Groom." And Judy Small's contribution was "Festival of Light." See more pix below.


Above, in France the song "Don't Drink the Orange Juice" was released on a 45!  

......and below, the Canadian 45



To the left, famous shots of her getting her just desserts, pie style, at a press conference

Grant King   Closing the show on a much higher notes than ones concerning the orange juice queen, I'm sharing three wonderful songs from the equally wonderful album.

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