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TWO Show #669
Christy ClaxtonGrant KingGwen Avery

 Christy Claxton -Out of Nowhere
 Grant King -Bodies of Water
 Gwen Avery -Sugar Mama

Listen...Plus TWO ID by Tom Robinson
TWO #675
Martin SwingerElaine TownsendBed Boys & Beyond

 Martin Swinger -BearNaked
 Elaine Townsend -Redemption
 Bed Boys & Beyond

TWO #678
Clark CarltonAri GoldMatthew Cloran

 Clark Carlton -Saltwater
 Ari Gold -Ari Gold
 Matthew Cloran -Finally Free
TWO #682
Tret FureScott FreedmanDave Hall

 Tret Fure -Back Home
 Skott Freedman -Anything
     Worth Mentioning
 Dave Hall -True
TWO #686
Leah ZicariJade Esteban Estrada

 Deian McBryde -Love & Other
 Leah Zicari -Hard Road
 Jade Esteban Estrada -Angel
TWO #691 Margie AdamCam Clarke
 Margie Adam -Avalon
 Cam Clarke -Inside Out
 Mark Islam -The Fine Print
TWO #695
Y'AllRichard IsenTopp Twins

 Y'All -The Hey Y'All Soundtrack
 Richard Isen -Let It Fall
 Topp Twins -Grass Highway
TWO #700
SaffireAmy FixAnthony Rapp

 Saffire -Ain't Gonna Hush
 Amy Fix -Spoon
 Anthony Rapp -Look Around
TWO #703
SuedeMarcus HutchesonCandye Kane

 Suede -On The Day We Met
 Marcus Hutcheson -Right Here
    Where I Am
 Candye Kane -Toughest Girl

Listen...Plus, TWO ID by Ellen
TWO #709
Three MarysSoniaJanis Ian

 Three Marys -The Three Marys
 Sonia -Live At The Down Home
 Janis Ian -God & The FBI
TWO #714 Holly Near4D-YkesCris Williamson


 Holly Near -Edge
 4D-Ykes -Hot Flash
 Cris Williamson -Ashes

TWO #718 Year In Review banner

 Our Picks for Best of the Year:
 Gwen Avery, Grant King,
 Dave Hall, Margie Adam,
 Mark Islam, Janis Ian,
 Cris Williamson

Bonus Shows
This Way Out news coverage by Chris Wilson and Christopher David Trentham looking forward to the 1st Annual Outmusic Awards (the OMA's), to be announced online on March 3, 2001. Includes comments by Deian McBryde, Miriam Davidson of Wishing Chair, Robert Urban, and Jon Gilbert Leavitt. This feature aired on TWO show #674 on February 26, 2001. (Used with permission, 9:30)
Queer Vinyl: 10 Recordings That Shaped Out Music History
In August of 2001 I had the pleasure of preparing a special music documentary on what ten songs were my choices for the most influential in the history of GLBT music. A daunting task, but I narrowed down the impossible list, as my host Chris Wilson led me through it, and it was engineered by Christopher David Trentham. The special aired first on August 6, 2001, on IMRU, Los Angeles' premier GLBT radio program (Mondays at 7pm, PST, on KPFK, 90.7 fm). And, it was later a 3-part series on This Way Out, starting on November 12, 2001. (57:58)
Merritt Brunies & His Friars Inn OrchestraMa Rainey"Caravan Tonight"

"Changer and the Changed"

Merritt Brunies & His Friars Inn Orchestra
-masculine women & feminine men (1926)
Ma Rainey-prove it on me blues (1928)
Steven Grossman-out (1974)
Maxine Feldman-angry atthis (1971)
Cris Williamson-sweet woman (1975)
Tom Robinson-glad to be gay (1978)
Romanovsky & Phillips
-the prince charming tango (1984)
Flirtations-everything possible (1990)
Doug Stevens-out in the country (1993)
Jon Gilbert Leavitt-pride (2000)

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"Masculine Women, Feminine Men,"
with lyrics, photos and song clips
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