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1 Jennifer O'ConnorHeiskellCaptain Magik
Jennifer O'Connor - Here With Me
Heiskell - Clip On Nose Ring
Captain Magik - Young, Gay & Proud
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2 Jason & deMarcoGinger LeighJay Brannan
Jason & deMarco - Safe
Ginger Leigh - Don't Be Shy
Jay Brannan - Goddamned

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3 Matt AlberTessa PerryLiz Clark
Matt Alber - Hide Nothing
Tessa Perry - Weightless
Liz Clark - Pursuit
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4 Tom GossGretchen PhillipsJulie Clark
Tom Goss - Back to Love
Gretchen Phillips - I Was Just     Comforting Her
Julie Clark - Change Your Mind
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5 Bettina SchelkerHorseWire Daisies
Bettina Schelker - The Honeymoon
     Is Over
Horse - Coming Up For Air
Wire Daisies - Wire Daisies

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Skott Freedman - The Cottage Sessions
Pansy Division - That's So Gay
Levi Kreis - Where I Belong

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Kate Reid - I'm Just Warming Up
Polkanomics - Lola
QBoy - Moxie

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Namoli Brennet - Until From This
     Dream I Wake
Coyote Grace - Ear To The Ground
Tough Tough Skin - Let It Sink Down

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Linq - Rx and the Side Effects
Joe Settineri - Stay
Josh Zuckerman - Got Love?
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Athena Reich - Little Girl Dreams
Mark Winkler - Till I Get It Right
Sugarbeach - Not Deserted
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Mika - The Boy Who
     Knew Too Much
Wishing Chair - Stand Up 8
Nick Granato - In Real Life
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Our Picks for Best of the Year
Matt Alber
Jay Brannan
Julie Clark
Coyote Grace
Levi Kreis
Pansy Division
Kate Reid
Bettina Schelker
This Way OutThis Way OutThis Way OutThis Way Out