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Adodi MuseMelissa FerrickRuPaul

 Adodi Muse - Ain't Got Sense
      Enuf To Be 'Shamed
 Melissa Ferrick - The Other Side
 RuPaul - Red Hot

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Visit Scott Free's siteAndy NorthrupSaturn

 Scott Free - They Call Me Mr      Free
 Andy Northrup - Cardboard Logic
 Saturn - Deviant

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Tori Fixx websiteRon Morris siteMark Mercer site

 Tori Fixx - Marry Me
 Ron Morris - Speak True
 Mark Mercer - Nothing Like It

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Green & Root siteMark Weigle siteMary Gauthier site

 Green & Root - Down That Road
 Mark Weigle - Soulsex
 Mary Gauthier - Mercy Now

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Jamie Anderson siteSkott Freedman siteChris Pureka site

 Jamie Anderson - A Promise of       Light
 Skott Freedman - Judge a Book
 Chris Pureka - Driving North

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6 Outmusic logo
 Audiofile's look at the Outmusic
 Awards, held in Chicago on June 12th.
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Jane Waynes siteAnthony Antoine siteEric Himan site

 Jane Waynes - Cowboy Songs
 Anthony Antoine - Closets On Fire
 Eric Himan - Dark Horse

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Visit Nadine Goellner's sitevisit Wishing Chair's siteLea Delaria's label

 Nadine Goellner - Sing It To
     Me Anyway
 Wishing Chair - Underdog
 Lea DeLaria - Double Standards

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SheWho siteJulie Loyd siteCandye Kane site

 SheWho - The Earth Will Turn
 Julie Loyd - The Waiting Room
 Candye Kane - White Trash Girl

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Lee Lessack siteBen Schaefer siteCraymo site

 Lee Lessack - In Good Company
 Ben Schaefer - The Upstairs Choir
 Craymo - Cosmos

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11 Veronica Klaus siteFemme Messiah siteGeorgie Jessup site

 Veronica Klaus - Live at the Lodge
 Femme Messiah - Orchids in the      Arctic
 Georgie Jessup - Woman in a      Man's Suit

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Our Picks for Best of the Year:
Eric Himan
Mary Gauthier
Ben Schaefer
Nadine Goellner
Julie Loyd
Candye Kane
Scott Free

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