Segment 1

I'll Be FCC-ing You - Segment 1 Playlist    53:48
Nick Name - I Fucked Your Boyfriend (2001)
Wayne County & the Electric Chairs - Fuck Off (1977)
Clovers - The Rotten Cocksuckers Ball (1954)
Rolling Stones - Cocksucker Blues (1970)
Mitch Ryder - Cherry Poppin' (1978)
Lavender Country - Cryin' These Cocksucking Tears (1973)
David Allen Coe - Fuck Anita Bryant (1978)
Pajama Slave Dancers - Homo Truck Driving Man (1988)
Jeff Miller - No Lube (2000, demo)
Well Oiled Sisters - It Ain't Hard Being Easy (1994)
Two Nice Girls - The Queer Song (1991)
Gina Young - Dirt (2002)
Jill Sobule - Don't Fuck With Me (~2000)
from "Pecker" soundtrack- Don't Drop the Soap (1998)
Slam & Dave - Prisoner of Love (1995)
Parodies: Anal Love / Gay1 Steak Sauce /
     Gay Ken / Preacher Man
Nice Peter - The Bush Song (2004)

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Nick Name  Nick Name   Jayne County comp "Rock 'N Roll Cleopatra"  Jayne County

Above, Nick Name and Jayne County; below, the Clovers, Mick Jagger and Mitch Ryder


  "Lavender Country" LP  Patrick Haggerty

Above, Mitch Ryder's 1978 album "How I Spent My Vacation," and Patrick Haggerty and his album "Lavender Country," the first gay country album. Below, David Allan Coe and his "Nothing Sacred" CD, and the Pajama Slave Dancers.

David Allan Coe  David Allan Coe  Pajama Slave Dancers

Jeff Miller  Jeff Miller

Above, Jeff Miller; Below, Well Oiled Sisters, Two Nice Girls, and Gina Young.
Pass your mouse over them to see mor

Well Oiled Sisters   Two Nice Girls   Gina Young's CD "Intractable"

    "Pecker" soundtrack   Jill Sobule    DJs Bob & Tom

Above, soundrack for "Pecker," Jill Sobule, and DJs Bob & Tom's album; Below, the group Nice Peter

   Nice Peter  Fuck Bush 24/7