Segment 4

I'll Be FCC-ing You - Segment 4 Playlist    51:37
Johnny Dangerous - Celebrity Fucker (2003)
Age of Consent - Fight Back
Aaron-Carl- Ghetto Phone Call / Homoerotic (2002)
Saturn - Deviant (2004)
Bitch & Animal - Best Cock on the Block (2001)
Athens Boys Choir - Get In Rocket's Pocket (2004)
Testosterone Kills - Arizona (2003)
Tribe 8 - Wrong Bathroom (1996)
Mark Weigle - Made For Suckin' You (2004)
Mark Weigle - Mr. Trucker Man (2004)
Pansy Division Medley -
Pansy Division - Groovy Underwear (1994)
Alix Olson - Cunt Country (2001)


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Johnny Dangerous Johnny Dangerous  Age of Consent

Above, Johnny Dangerous and his CD, and the Age of Consent CD; Below, Aaron-Carl

Aaron-Carl's "Uncloseted"  

 debut album by Saturn   Saturn

Above, Saturn; Below, Bitch & Animal and Athens Boys Choir

Bitch & Animal  Rocket & Katz, of Athens Boys Choir  Athens Boys Choir

Testosterone Kills   Pablo Ratliff & Tim Daly of Testosterone Kills

Above, Testosterone Kills; Below, Tribe 8

Tribe 8  Tribe 8

   Mark Weigle

Above, no, that's not a real Mark Weigle's one I cobbled together for the demo disc he gave me of the two songs heard on this show, and above right, his prime headshot; Below, Pansy Division

Pansy Division albums   Pansy Division

Below, artist and cover grll Alix Olson

Alix Olson   Olson albums   Alix Olson, on cover of San Diego magazine