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Gallery of artists featured on Parts 4 to Parts 6, and not of course intended
to include all Queercore artists and not intended to represent their entire
discographies. Some images have others "behind" them if you pass your
cursor over them. Listed alphabetically, and spread over several pages.

Page 1 Pansy Division Recordings, Photos, Etc
Page 2 Pansy Division Photos That I Took
Page 3 Pansy Division Posters
Page 4 Queercore Artists, A-D
Page 5 Queercore Artists, E-H
Page 6 Queercore Artists, H-P
Page 7 Queercore Artists, P-Z
Page 8 Queercore Artists, Comps
Page 9 JD's Homocore Tape
Page 10 JD's Homocore Charts
Page 11 Fifth Column Recordings
Page 12 Fifth Column Pics

Page 13 Outpunk Records Discography
Pages 14-15 Outpunk Magazine


Bazooka Joe

[ all I could find is from the Dec '88 issue of "Homocore" ]

Best Revenge

Best Revenge can also be found on The Freak Show comp

Bikini Kill

Boys Entrance




You can find CWA on these CDs


Vaginal Creme Davis & PME

Jon likes this one!


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