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Huggy Bear


Hyperdrive Kittens

Kicking Giant

Limp Wrist


Matt Thomas of Mavis's

Ste McCabe


Ste McCabe

Glen Meadmore


Note: after I uploaded the show I heard from Mike, of Mouthfull, so of course I asked him for info on the band and some photos:

"16" was actually recorded in 1993 and was a cassette single we did ourselves with a cover of 2 Unlimited's No Limits on it. By the time we did the album a few years later, Tony Blair was elected, who equalised the age of consent to 16 for all people. There were a couple of lineups with Mouthfull, one with two girls two guys, and one with three guys...

Mouthfull started in 1993 with a line up of Andy, Yaz, Mike (me) and Lea. This is the lineup in the photo with 4 people. We were all gay, but I used and still use the term queer, as an inclusive term. We played at alot of festivals and shows, and booked our own gigs into straight venues, because we found music people were more interested in us than gay crowds. We booked gigs for bands we liked and this included Sister George and many others. We ran a club nite called Up To The Elbow, and it was a queer nite, and we were unusual for London because we had live bands. We got the attention of some of our heros of gay music and met and opened for Tom Robinson, Pansy Division and others. In some way we were brats, I think we just wanted to have a laugh rather than make a career of it, so it was alot about drinking and partying. Yaz and Lisa from Sister George were a couple for awhile. The name Mouthfull came from Yaz' girlfriend Betty who used to use the expression "More than a handful or mouthful is too much." When she wrote it out she used two letter L's, like this: MOUTH-FULL. It stuck, and we liked the reference...

Lea and Yaz left the band to do other things, so Andy and I went up a gear with Monsoon, an exciting new drummer we found. He was queer and Muslim. We got a little record deal with good terms. We recorded the album with him. The album has two titles one is "Mouthfull by Mouthfull" but the one in the artwork is "Bring Balloons" which is a reference to a gay group in London in the 1920s, which issued flyers to it's political rallies, which it titled "Bring Balloons." We never settled on that, so both titles work...

1993: Andy, Yaz, Mike, Lea

Mouthfull, 1997

Mukilteo Fairies

The Need

Robt Omlit

[ I think this is the right guy, from a YouTube clip with the band Several Pamelas ]

The Parasites

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