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Olivia Records Discography


The Second Wave Label

Created in 1983 as a subsidiary, to enable them to showcase more kinds of music

LP's / CD's,            (1983 - 1990)
Meg & Cris with event producer Betty Rowland

Second Wave Records 933

Meg / Cris at Carnegie Hall (1983)

Anniversary (Cris Williamson - Tret Fure) (3:29)
Beautiful Soul (Margie Adam) (3:42)
Can't Turn Back (Meg Christian) 3:38)
Look Within (Meg Christian) (4:31)
The Ones Who Aren't Here (John Calvi) (3:58)
Glad to Be a Woman (Elizabeth Rose) (4:44)
Train Song (Wendy Waldman) (3:00)
So Good So Right (Brenda Russell) (3:42)

Soaring (Cris Williamson) (4:14)
Doin' Time (Cris Williamson) (2:42)
Texas Ruby Red (Cris Williamson) (3:33)
Light and the Eye (Cris Williamson) (3:06)
Come Hell or High Water (Cris Williamson) (3:24)
Medley (9:20)
.....Turning It Over (Meg Christian)
.....Joanna (Cris Williamson)
.....Sweet Darlin' Woman (Diane Lindsay)
.....If I Live (I'll Be Great) (Cris Williamson)
.....Ode to a Gym Teacher (Meg Christian)
.....Sweet Woman (Cris Williamson - Jennifer Wysong)
.....The Rock Will Wear Away (Meg Christian - Holly Near)
.....Waterfall (Cris Williamson)
If I Could Only Win Your Love (Ira & Charles Louvin) (2:18)
Song of the Soul (Cris Williamson) (4:17)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Ashford - Simpson) (3:05)

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Note that the label number, 933, at that time still followed the Olivia sequencing. "Train Song" was omitted, likely due to time limitations, when the album was released on CD.

Second Wave Records 22001

Teresa Trull & Barbara Higbie

Unexpected (1983)

Unexpected (Teresa Trull) (3:29)
A Change (Teresa Trull - Barbara Higbie) (3:22)
Tell the Truth (Teresa Trull) (4:48)
Follow Your Heart (Teresa Trull - Barbara Higbie) (3:48)
High and Dry (Barbara Higbie - Teresa Trull) (3:44)
Ruby and the Dancer (Carol Bayer-Sager - Melissa Manchester) (3:57)
Heaven's Lament (Barbara Higbie) (3:01)
Precious (Teresa Trull - Ray Obiedo) (4:19)
Sunken Gold ( Barbara Higbie) (3:47)

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Second Wave Records 22003

Tret Fure

Terminal Hold (1984)

As If By the Wind (3:24)
Terminal Hold (3:40)
What Goes On In the Night (3:40)
Movin' In For The Kill (4:21)
Cold Cold Heart (3:12)
Annie Aircraft (4:59)
Angel Fire (3:33)
That Side of the Moon (3:20)
Turned Around Again (3:03)
It's Up To Me and You (2:54)

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Second Wave Records 22005

Alicia Bridges

Under the Cover of Darkness / Not Ready Yet (1984)

12" dance single

Under the Cover of Darkness
(Extended Version, 6:22)
(Instrumental, 6:39)
Not Ready Yet
(Extended Version, 5:10)
(Instrumental, 5:11)

(both written by Alicia Bridges - Susan Hutcheson)

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Second Wave Records 22007

Alicia Bridges

Hocus Pocus (1984)

Under the Cover of Darkness (6:17)
Soul Twister (3:56)
Part Time Lovers (3:28)
If You Only Knew (3:32)
Bullets Don't Talk (5:21)
I Regret It (3:45)
Not Ready Yet (3:30)
Drive My Car (2:32)
This Girl Don't Care (3:03)

(all written by Alicia Bridges - Susan Hutcheson)

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Second Wave Records 22009

Tret Fure

Edges of the Heart (1986)

Tight Black Jeans (4:03)
I Move For Your Love (5:12)
Edges of the Heart (3:53)
Guilty (3:46)
Cherish the Love (4:10)
Too Many Tears (3:26)
Land of Milk and Honey (4:26)
Alone With You (3:33)
Bayou Blue (3:40)

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also on LP

Second Wave Records 22009

Tret Fure

Terminal Hold (1984)
Edges of the Heart (1986)

CD reissue of both albums together
see track listings above

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Second Wave Records 22011

Dianne Davidson

Breaking All the Rules (1988)

Trouble Again (Karla Bonoff - Kenneth Edwards) (3:45)
What'm I Gonna Do (3:59)
Song of Bernadette (J. Warnes - L. Cohen - W. Elliot) (4:27)
Built for Comfort (Willie Dixon) (3:15)
Song for My Father (4:43)
So Lucky (Ian McLagan) (4:44)
Keep My Love Light Burnin' (Ben Weisman - Evie Sands) (4:08)
Tonight I'll Dream That You Care (4:30)
Killer Without a Heart (Michael Mishaw - Dianne Davidson) (4:59)
Everything To Me (5:50)
Heaven Bound (5:00)

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Second Wave Records 22013

Cris Williamson & Teresa Trull

Country Blessed (1989)

Keep On (Teresa Trull - Paul Davis) (3:34)
Country Blessed (T. Trull - Paul Davis - C. Williamson) (3:30)
Calamity Jane (Cris Williamson) (4:03)
Molly's Sky (Gary Marks) (4:12)
The Love We Take (Gary Marks) (4:13)
Mother, Mother (Cris Williamson) (3:52)
Shady Glen (Teresa Trull) (4:33)
Soulful Days (Gary Marks) (5:00)
Fertanga (Cris Williamson - Teresa Trull) (4:40)

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Second Wave Records 22015

Tret Fure

Time Turns the Moon (1990)

Blame It On The Day (4:14)
A Sign of Life (4:44)
It Could've Been Close (3:50)
Summer's End (4:09)
Hold Me To Your Heart (4:44)
The Girls All Dance (3:55)
All We Know (5:00)
Working Poor (3:45)
Against the Grain (4:28)

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