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Olivia Records Discography

Distributed By Olivia Records

In the early years it was very hard for independent women artists to get their work
out to the marketplace, so Olivia distributed a number of these albums, for folks like
Woody Simmons, Casse Culver, Trish Nugent, Joanna Cazden, and Kay Gardner.

LP's,            (1976 - 1982)

Urana Records 80

Kay Gardner     (1941 - 2002)

Moon Circles (1975)

Prayer to Aphrodite (3:16)
Changing (4:33)
Beautiful Friend (4:30)
Moon Flow (5:47)
Wise Woman (3:33)
Inner Mood I (1:30)
Touching Souls (5:38)
Inner Mood II (1:29)
Lunamuse (9:00)

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Urana Records 81

Casse Culver

3 Gypsies (1976)

I'm Late Again (2:30)
Crystal Skies (3:42)
First Unto This Country (4:09)
Don't Put Her Down (Hazel Dickens) (3:14)
Good Old Dora (3:10)
Three Gypsies (3:36)
Sacred River (3:06)
She Said Sun (4:05)
Desert Eyes (4:14)
Scheherazade's Lullaby (2:55)

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HA 81-81

Berkeley Women's Music Collective
(Debbie Lempke, Nancy Vogl, Susann Shanbaum, Nancy Henderson)

Berkeley Women's Music Collective (1976)

The Bloods (Debbie Lempke) (2:38)
Take the Time (Nancy Vogl) (4:29)
Fury (Susann Shanbaum) (4:49)
No Thanks, Mister (Nancy Henderson) (2:09)
We're Hip (Debbie Lempke - J. Lampert) (4:10)
San Francisco Bank Song (Susann Shanbaum) (3:40)
Janet's Song (Susann Shanbaum) (6:22)
Mercy Me (Nancy Vogl) (4:08)
Gay and Proud (Nancy Vogl) (3:26)

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Sister Sun Records 02

Joanna Cazden

Hatching (1976)

Soledad Mountain (3:52)
(No More) Beggar's Blues (3:55)
About the Woman Who Died (4:08)
Dharma (4:00)
Sunny Winter (3:05)
Bombs Away (3:29)
February Thaw (2:52)
Ella Ellison (4:23)
Waterfall (Nirmala's Song) (2:48)
The Hatching Song (3:22)
The Musician's Lady (4:40)

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Deep River Records 1001

Woody Simmons

Oregon Mountains (1977)

You've Got the Love (3:43)
Can't Say Why (3:23)
Feather in the Wind (4:14)
Banjo Raga (2:59)
Oregon Mountains (3:13)
Goin' Down South (3:12)
Grey Today (5:01)
Mockingbird (2:39)
Suite for Wings (5:08)
I'll Give It All to the Music (3:29)

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Trish Nugent

Foxglove Woman (1977)

Cast Away (Carol Vendrillo) (3:47)
Country Style (2:52)
Were You There (3:16)
Foxglove Woman (2:15)
Happy Birthday to Me (2:00)
Circles (3:13)
Mountain Window (2:36)
Neiges D'Artan (2:58)
The Phoenix (1:56)
Feelings Flying (2:07)
Angry Woman (2:01)
Woman Strength (3:25)

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HO 815

Berkeley Women's Music Collective
(Debbie Lempke, Nancy Vogl, Susann Shanbaum, Bonnie Lockhart)

Tryin' to Survive (1978)

Nicole (Debbie Lempke) (4:23)
Seawomon (Debbie Lempke) (3:47)
Thorazine (Susan Shanbaum) (3:54)
Takes More Than Time (Bonnie Lockhart) (4:59)
Tryin' To Survive (Susan Shanbaum) (3:30)
California (Bonnie Lockhart - Nancy Vogl) (3:00)
Back To Boston (Nancy Vogl) (2:22)
Class Mobility (Bonnie Lockhart) (3:45)
Darling Companion (Nancy Vogl) (2:45)
People (Debbie Lempke) (2:39)

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Bloodleaf Records 105

Baba Yaga

On the Edge (1978)

Charlotte's Web (Bonnie Kovaleff) (2:38)
Sweet Beginnings (Ellen Goldberg - Kiera O'Hara) (4:22)
Terra (Marcos Valle - Paulo Sergio Valle) (5:10)
Too Cool to Be True (Susan Colson) (4:33)
Monogamy-Shbedogamy (Jan Cornall) (3:40)
Smoke (Vincent) (5:00)
Something Special (Barbara J. Galloway) (2:34)
Old Woman (Michelle Brody - Barbara J. Galloway) (4:55)
Nomi's Song (Kiera O'Hara) (2:18)
Rise Again (Susan Colson) (4:53)

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Dream Machine D-3

Cris Williamson,
with Jackie Robbins & June Millington

Live Dream (1978)

Dream Sequence/If I Live (Cris Williamson) (3:46)
Sham (Cris Williamson) (3:42)
Azulao (Jayme Ovalle-Bandiera) (2:42)
Lullabye (Cris Williamson) (2:35)
In the Best Interest (Cris Williamson) (2:12)
I Would Fly (June Millington) (3:29)
Bandit Queen (Cris Williamson) 2:53)
Frontier (Cris Williamson) (3:03)
Soaring (Cris Williamson) (4:09)
Born to Win/You Can Get it (Jimmy Cliff) (4:25)

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Pacific Cascade Records 7035

Cris Williamson

Lumiere (1982)
("a science-fantasy fable")

Foreign Glory
Live for the Day
See It Anymore
Make Me Laugh
X-Ray Ted
Midnight Oil
Lumiere (Reprise)

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