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A guide to the various shows, features and sections
of Queer Music Heritage of special interest
regarding Transgender Music, Artists, Etc.


I have done so many Transgender shows on QMH that I am providing an index here.
Main Interviews are listed next to shows containing them. Not counting interviews
appearing on OutRadio, this is 30 hours, so far...

August 2000 - Transgender Music Special (1 hour)

October 2002 - Gender Benders, Part 1 (1 hour)

November 2002 - Gender Benders, Part 2 (1 hour)

November 2005 - Three Interviews (2 hours, 10 min)
Veronica Klaus, Jessica Xavier, Georgie Jessup

November 2005 Bonus Show - Transgender Music (2 hours)

May 2007 - TG Music, Part 1 (70 minutes) Lipstick Conspiracy, Terry Noel,
plus, an interview with David Cunard, producer of a Christine Jorgensen CD

June 2007 - TG Music, Part 2 (80 min) Alexandra Billings, Lucas Silviera

July 2007 - TG Music, Part 3 (70 min) Coyote Grace, Joshua Klipp

August 2007 - TG Music, Part 4 (1 hour) Jennifer Leitham

September 2009 - Transgender Artists (3 hours) Radford Bishop, Angela Bucky Motter

October 2009 - Transgender Artists (3 hours) Coyote Grace, Namoli Brennet

August 2011 - The Drag King Show (2 hours) Anderson Toone

September 2011 - Transgender Music (3 hours) Madsen Minax, AJ Bryce

October 2011 - Transgender Music (3 hours) Ryan Cassata

January 2013 - Transgender Music (4 hours) The Shondes, King TuffNStuff, Schmekel

January 2014 - Transgender Music (3 hours) Eli Conley

I did the "math," over the years on these 15 QMH shows,
I've played 134 different TG artists, and over
347 different songs, some of them several times, and I routinely
include TG artists on most of my other shows

Now, those are the shows totally devoted
to TG, but there are others...

November 2003 - Jayne County Interview

OutRadio May 2011 - Josh Klipp Interview

September 2012 - Salute to Spoken Word (several trans artists included)

OutRadio March 2013 - Amber Taylor Interview (in Part 2)


Christine Jorgensen - large section of photos, clippings, sound files

The Sissy Show, a musical

   San Francisco June 2010      



Below, no, not at all music related, but as I had this issue of Image, from 1976, wanted to share it

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