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Jeff Krassner -- Zrazy

Venus Envy -- Sylvester

Meg Christian

David Brown -- Marc Almond

Steve Cohen -- Christy Claxton

Michael Cohen - Dave Clement

Noel Coward -- Dos Fallopia

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Keith Christopher - Cam Clarke

Conn. GMC -- Deadly Nightshade

Bobby Dell -- Noel Coward

Kathy Fire -- Kay Gardner

Bill Folk -- Gay Men

Steve Greenberg -- Lynn Thomas

Jesse Hultberg --1 0%  Revue

Spotlight segment: the music of "Hollywood Queers," a mini-interview with Martin Swinger, a set from gay musicals, plus songs by Cam Clarke, Amy Simpson, etc.
Feature interviews with Christy Claxton, Matthew Cloran, &  a Spotlight Feature on Gays In The Military. Plus songs by Cris Williamson, Robin Flower & more.
Interviews with Dennis Hensley, Clark Carlton, and the writers of the musical "Bed, Boys & Beyond." And a Spotlight Feature on Frances Faye. Plus Monica Grant.
Interview and spotlight feature on the music of Tom Wilson Weinberg; and Interviews with Dave Hall and Ari Gold, talking about their new CDs.
Spotlight Feature on Charles Pierce;
interviews with Matt Yee, Skott Freedman and Leah Zicari
, featuring music from their new CD releases. Plus Lisa Koch.
Gay Pride Show, with interview comments on their anthems from Leah Zicari, Jallen Rix, Mark Islam, Tom Wilson Weinberg, Jon Gilbert Leavitt. + more.
Special lengthy interviews with Margie Adam, Suede, and Candye Kane, each talking about their music, old and new.
Artist interviews spotlighting the new releases of the Topp Twins (from New Zealand), Y'All, and Marcus Hutcheson (with some live tracks from Houston with Marcus and Dave Hall).
Interviews with Anthony Rapp (of "Rent" fame), and Janis Ian. Plus a comedy segment about "men at sea" and two queer blues songs from the 30s.
The Three Marys and Tret Fure provide interviews; plus segments on the music of glam rocker Jobriath and lesbian separatist Linda Shear.
Special interview with gay music pioneer Blackberri, With additional comments by Mark Weigle; and Sonia gives an interview about her new live CD.
Queer Christmas Show, with interview comments from Martin Swinger; and Larry Wisch of the Choral Majority. Plus LOTS of music from Melissa & others.
"Chosen Family" with Grant King, Dan Martin, Robin Burdulis -- Cliff Townsend

Zoe Lewis - Perry Wood

Monica Grant - "Sissy Man Blues"

Phranc -- Teresa Chandler & Karen Ripley