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Richard Foltz - Bronski Beat

Marsha Stevens - Berkeley Women's Music Collective

"Love Worth Fighting For" LP -- Boy George

"Zero Patience" -- Lynn Carter

Coccinelle -- Jayne County

Macho -- Zebedy Colt

Pat Humphries - Judy Fjell


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David Clement -- Blackberri

Deadly Nightshade -- Patrick Arena & Andy Monroe

2 x Pansy Division

Yolanda -- Bill Amesbury

2 by Noel McKay

Marc Almond - Camp Records 45 "Leather Jacket Lovers"

Joe Bracco

Special interview with Kiya Heartwood and Miriam Davidson of Wishing Chair and a visit to some historic lesbian songs, including the first openly lesbian album.
 Special show devoted to Queer Jazz,  featured artist Billy Strayhorn, plus  Mary Lofstrom, Sandra Cartolari, David Hersch,  Drew Paralic, Zrazy, Billy Tipton & more!
Special Feature Interview with one of our musical comedy pioneers, Lynn Lavner; and a visit to Camp Records, the queerest record label of the 60's
Tribute to early women's music movement pioneer Ginni Clemmens. And, an irreverant interview with those dragapella divas, the Kinsey Sicks
Romanovsky & Phillips...they deserve an entire show devoted to them, and this is it! Exclusive interviews and rare song clips, and lotsa stuff I bet you didn't know...
Songs I've Been Meaning To Play...
everything from radio ads for gay movies, to unreleased demos, to folk and the BeeJays, to Richard Chamberlain. Plus, a new Pride Anthem

Salute to the Outmusic Awards.
Music from all the winners, and more; plus photos from the event, the Open Mic, and access to other OMA broadcasts

Gay Musicals, Part 1. My special two-part salute to gay-themed musicals, covering those shows with commercially released soundtracks. Part One covers 1973 through 1984.
Gay Musicals, Part 2. Continuing my look at the gay musicals of our culture, with a special reference section, with lots of extras. Part Two covers 1985 through 1995.
Salute to three male folk/rock/pop artists from the last 20 years: LeRoy Dysart, Joe Bracco, and David Brown; with interviews to explore their music.
The Queer Side of Glam/Glitter/Punk Rock, including interviews with Jayne County and Zecca Esquibel, and the music of Bowie, Cherry Vanilla, Jobriath, the Mumps, etc.
Queer Xmas Special. Three shows this year! Interview clips with Catie Curtis, Jon Ginolli, and Tom McCormack, and unreleased songs, And a special X-Rated X-Mas (Net Only) Show.
Jan Tilley - Lea DeLaria

Sue Fink - Bayard Rustin

Sissy Man Blues comp - Consolidated

Sandra Bernhard - Deuce